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One H.E.A.R.T.T., Inc. is overseen by a Board of Directors and supported by volunteers. All directors and staff are currently donating their time and effort to this organization, as an expression of their commitment to our mission.


Building Our Boys

Building our Boys is a teen substance use/abuse program based in Mamelodi, South Africa that centers on a community empowerment intervention model. Participants will receive substance abuse therapy and play in a community youth soccer league. Building Our Boys, in its conclusion will provide increased awareness of substance and health related issues. Through soccer these boys will learn valuable life skills. Such as social skills, employment skills, which help, create a sustainable community.

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Building Our Boys
Dr. Teddy
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Chap Chat

Building our Boys is a teen substance use/abuse program based in Mamelodi, South Africa that centers on a community empowerment intervention model.  Building Our Boys provides increased awareness of substance and health related issues.

Dr. Teddy is a program based in South Africa and the United States that provides therapeutic stuffed animals to children in vulnerable circumstances; such as hospitalization, residing in shelters, and recently experiencing crisis. We currently partner with the Demopolis Police Department in the US and Dr. George Mukari  Hospital in SA. We are actively looking to collaborate with additional institutions.

Kiddie Cooks is a United States based program that centers on diabetes awareness and nutrition. This program provides community events to demonstrate healthy eating (such as our Snack Attack and Cook-out events). Currently services for this program are based in the rural areas of Alabama.

Chap Chat is a teen male focused rape prevention discussion forum. The goal is to engage male students in an open discussion about relationships, safe and appropriate sexual activity, gender awareness, and respect towards women in an informative but comfortable format. This is in an effort to promote a healthy ideology toward women in the next generation of men.



It is the mission, duty and purpose of One Healing, Educating, and Renewing Through Therapy, Inc. (One H.E.A.R.T.T., Inc.) to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to distressed individuals in a holistic manner. We are committed to promoting the personal development and growth of the individual as a vehicle for community improvement. Individual psychological, physiological, spiritual, and financial development will provide a solid foundation for societal change




Dr. Teddy

When: Continuous

Where: US & ZA

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United States

Sickle Cell Awareness Walk

When: September 17th

Where: Dempolis, AL

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Kiddie Cooks BTS BBQ

When: August 20 2016

Where: Demopolis City Landing

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