Pregnant and Addicted

Each year around a thousand young women addicted to crystal methamphetamine, or tik, give birth to so-called tik babies in Cape Town. ‘€œI started smoking [heroine, dagga and tik] while I was 16 years old,’€ said Meggan Adams from the Cape Flats while filling her glass pipe with more of the white tik crystals. She is six-and-a-half-months pregnant with her second child. ‘€œWith my first child I was smoking five packets [of tik] a day ‘€“ one packet just wasn’t enough for me,’€ Meggan said. ‘€œThere were times, after I smoked, that I could feel the child being like hyperactive in my tummy.’€ Meggan has been living on the streets of Cape Town since she was a child, and despite her pregnancy, prefers to sleep out on the street. According to her, she doesn’€™t like spending time at home and would rather roam around, begging for money to buy food. ‘€œI’€™m very worried about her on the streets, very worried,’€ said Meggan’€™s mother, Amiena, who often comes to town to meet with her and to get some money from her to help support Meggan’€™s 5 year old son.

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