Chap Chat: Gender Relations and Perceptions of Rape Amongst Adolescent Males in Mamelodi, South Afri

This qualitative study of adolescent males in Mamelodi, South Africa explores concepts surrounding gender relations that influence and perpetuate rape culture and the impact of male centered rape prevention groups on these beliefs. During this study, participants took part in male only rape prevention groups; with each participant engaging in one group. These groups were held at three schools consisting in a cumulative total of eight one-hour groups with an estimated 260 participants from grades eight to 11. Data was collected via semi-structured pre-group interviews and post group surveys. Completion of a survey at the conclusion of the group was voluntary and, of the estimated 260 group participants, a total of 112 surveys were completed. The findings of this study indicate that acceptance of gender inequality and rape are common amongst these adolescent males. However, at the conclusion of this rape prevention group, many students expressed favorable views toward women; indicating the effectiveness of adolescent male centered rape prevention interventions. The outcomes of the present research have many implications for rape prevention interventions. Keywords: Sexual Violence, Adolescent Psychology, Gender Relations

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